The Students fulfilling the following criteria are welcome to register directly for the respective events :-
  • (1) Students who have participated in events of other institutes
  • (2) Winners of any of the last three years' Epoque
  • (3) Winner of Epoque 2K18
  • To register for Inter College Event go to

Rap Battle is a type of rapping that includes person’s standing position, message (in any positive way). A Rap is a rhymic written poetry and singing on the stage. Rap should provide a message through its flow.


Event Detail

Event Rules

  • Time limit: 90seconds [ Level 1].
  • Time limit: 5 minute [Level 2].
  • No used Rap is allowed in Level 2.
  • All Rappers have to present their written Rap in Level 2.
  • No insulting or abusive rap is allowed.

Other Details

Min Participation- 1

Max Participation- 1