The Students fulfilling the following criteria are welcome to register directly for the respective events :-
  • (1) Students who have participated in events of other institutes
  • (2) Winners of any of the last three years' Epoque
  • (3) Winner of Epoque 2K18
  • To register for Inter College Event go to

“A dramatic piece performance by one person.” The performer essays several roles in a story and is expected to communicate a variety of character traits and emotions without changing costume even once. A monodrama is a theatrical or operatic piece played by a single actor or singer, usually portraying one character.


Event Detail

Event Rules

  • Time limit: 10 minute (max.)
  • The play has to be a monodrama: a play written for one performer.
  • No published or produced plays will be accepted.
  • It must be a solo act.
  • Performance must consist of a single act with no blackout.
  • Music and lights are allowed.

Other Details

Min Participation- 1

Max Participation- 1