"Dance Battle"
The Students fulfilling the following criteria are welcome to register directly for the respective events :-
  • (1) Students who have participated in events of other institutes
  • (2) Winners of any of the last three years' Epoque
  • (3) Winner of Epoque 2K18
  • To register for Inter College Event go to www.prastuti-kiet.com

So you think that you are the boss? You can be a slave to the rhythm? Come on then. Dance on the spot for twisted and surprising music tracks. There are no boys and girls there will be just a FACE-OFF! You have to be instantaneous to get to the glory.


Event Detail

Event Rules

  • Time limit is 2 minute (1 minute for each participant). Two participants perform in one slot.
  • Track will be provided on stage.
  • The performance should be in cohesion with the integrity of the fest. Decent visualization of songs.
  • In case of malfunctioning of any equipment provided by the institution, the team will be allowed.
  • To repeat their performance from the beginning or from the point of disruption that the team wishes, with the consent of the judges.
  • Accessories, props and costumes have to be arranged by participants.
  • All dance forms are allowed.
  • Winner participant at the Dept. level will perform at the Institute level.
  • Decision of the judges will be final and binding.
  • Violation of any of the above will lead to immediate disqualification.

Other Details

Min Participation- 2

Max Participation- 2